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  • Name of commodity: JD-88-A2 model two-step bottle blowing machine
  • Goods ID: JD-88-A2
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JD-88-A2 Two step bottle blowing machine is used to produce mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, agricultural liquid medicine bottles etc. which material is PET PPPMMAPS. It includes two main machines, one infrared rotary heater. It is improved from one main machine and one heater to two main machines and one heater. It has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost, small space, easy to operate etc.

S/N Item  Unit Technical data
1 Raw material   PET,PP,PMMA,PS
2 working pressure(air) Mpa (0.8-12.5)* 2
3 Blowing pressure Mpa (1.0-3.0)* 2
4  Rated Power Heater kw (220V)*15*2
Air Compressor (380V)*2
5 Voltage/ Frequency V/Hz 220V/380V/50Hz.60Hz
6 Max mould effective dimension
mm 335*335*220
7 Mould Opening Stroke mm 170
8 Max mould thickness mm 250
9 Center Distance between two Cavities mm 80-200
10 Volume of Product ml 10-2000
11 Max Stretch Length mm 400
12 Clamping force kn 50*2
13 Capacity pcs/h 1600-2000
14 Machine dimension
main machine mm (1600*600*1500)*2
heater Ø1100*1300
15 Machine weight main machine  kg 500*2
heater 500
16 Air Compressor Dimension  mm 1800*800*1220
Weight kg 480
17 Air filter Dimension  mm (250*250*600)*2
Weight kg 25*2
18 Freezed Dryer Dimension  mm 890*550*1000
Weight kg 200
19 Temperature range (PET)60-110
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